Alternative Name Attention access to Kenmore point is closed at weekends

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrocher and over the rest and be thankfull and through Inveraray and turn left into furnace. Drive past the Furnace Inn down past Furnace quarry (see picture below) along the very bumpy shore road ( Its preferable to have a 4x4 ) to the small village called Kenmore. Please state your opinion here Access

Parking directions: Park at the space on the right looking down towards Kenmore village there is space for 5 cars

Distance from Glasgow: 59 Miles

Lat & Long: N56. 10.321 W5 07.051

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit: Site 1 Before the houses turn left down to the bay. Kit up on the rocks on the right and head straight out and dive to the left along a great cliff face. Head along the bottom or your chosen depth and back diagonally upwards and back into the bay. (See dive map)



Site entry/exit: Site 2 Walk past the houses and down to the second bay  enter the water on the stony beach. head down to your chosen depth and turn to the right (Gnome garden here) there are big rounded rocks here with cracks (look in the cracks) 

Site Hazards: Depth, distance from help

Suggested experience: Site 1 Experienced sport diver Site 2 Sport diver

Nearest Public phone: Furnace Inn

Mobile Network service: To Follow

Other comments: Treat the dive site with respect people stay here. There are 2 Gnome gardens here. Gnome Video

Air & Nitrox fillsAquatron Splashsports

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Pub:The Furnace Inn ( has a beer garden, an open fire in the bar and good food )

Created by: John Nicolson


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Underwater photos: Dave T & John Nicolson



Underwater map/ Sketch: By John Nicolson


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