Alternative Names:   None


Type of Dive: Easy shore dive 

Suggested Experience: Suitable for trainees 

Travel directions: Its on a shore road between Pennan and Gardenstown  Google

Parking directions: Just off the road facing the bay 

Distance from Aberdeen: 42 Miles  1hr 16 mins

Lat & Long: 57:40:56N   2:16:07W  Google map

Depth: 6-8m  

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit: Enter the water on the beach and exit in the same place.

Underwater directions: Dive to the west on the reef running along the foot of the cliffs (left facing the sea) its not deep but has plenty of life. The sea bed is white sand and the rocks along the shore are covered in kelp and sea weed. You can also enter the reef from Millshore and come out on the other side of the reef into the next bay

Air & Nitrox fills: Divenortheast   Core94      

Site Hazards:   

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Mobile Network service: To Follow

Other comments: Contact Ellon SAC  for local information. Its a good site for photography 

Pub: To Follow

Cafe: To Follow

Version: 4

Created by: Angela Robson

Date: 7/7/07

Surface Photos: Contact me

U/Water Photos: Vimeo     Contact me

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Divesite map: Contact me

Dive reports: Angela Robson Millshore is a lovely dive site, shallow, even in HW. Lots of life there. Even better if the sun is shining.

Dive reports: Angela Robson 4/8/11  Dave led us into the first cave, which is always full of life. Not disappointed this evening. Lots of those squat lobsters that give me the heeby jeebies (not the long clawed squatties - the ones that look like giant spiders with furry legs), velvet swimmers, common lobsters, blennies, tiny flatfish, mating scorpion fish, shrimps. We continued through the caves, and each time I go through the middle one, I am always on the look out for the conger, as I recall that was the first time I saw it on my first ever dive of Millshore. We reached the end of the caves and on the other side of the reef. We sat and watched a shoal of sand eels before making our way back through the caves again.