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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore wreck dive on Loch Etive.

Wreck Information: The Charna, Old fishing boat

Cargo: Unknown was being used as storage at the time of sinking

Suggested experience: Open Water, Sport Diver, good for a new diver's first wreck  

Travel & Parking directions: Coming from Taynuilt side when you reach the narrow railway bridge on the way to Connel take the right just after the bridge by the red phone box, follow the track down till you get to the large green shed, there is a slip just after, a single car can park there but there is plenty of space elsewhere. 


Lat & Long: N56.454974,W-5.310162 Postcode  PA37 Google

Tides: Tide tables There is very little tidal movement in the bay so it shouldn't bother you

Depth: 11-12 meters at the deepest point

Site entry/exit: From the end of the slip.

Charna car parking

Underwater directions: Take a bearing on the white buoy from the end of the slip. As it's pretty murky down there your best bet is to fin out to the white mooring buoy on the surface and drop down onto the wreck.


Site Hazards: Working boats.

Nearest Public phone: Connel

Accommodation: plenty of places to stay in Connel. Scottish Tourist Board, Edinburgh. Tel 0131 332 2433

Mobile Network service: To follow

Other comments:  

Pub: In Connel or Oban  Falls of Lora Hotel  The Oyster Inn

Created By: Dingerbot


Air & Nitrox: Puffin

Date: 16/05.2012

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Peter Gun and Peter Nutton for pictures and info.

Links: None

Surface Photos: Old postcard by Kev Watson


Underwater Photos: By Mark Kirkland


Dive Map:

Dive Report: Dingerbot 16/5/12 We finned out to check a spot for a mooring, and since we were not too far away from the mooring she was on we finned out to the buoy and down we went to about 9 meters, my buddy had a hunch that she would be northeast of the mooring and sure enough there she was,

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