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Runswick bay

Alternative Names: None 

Type of Dive: Runswick Bay is a gentle shore dive in a large open bay

Suggested experience: Novice and up.

Distance from Leeds: 82 Miles 1Hr 52 Mins Google The road down to the village is a bit scary, as you approach the drop you can’t see the road, it appears you are about to drop off the cliff edge. It is worth noting if the car is overloaded you will have fun getting back up the road.

Parking directions: There is a pay and display car park on your right 100m from the beach. Drive down to the top of the slip and dump the heavy dive kit and then park. Google

Lat & Long: N54.533198 W-0.747542 Postcode TS13 5HT  Google

Tides:  Tide tables 5 Mins before Whitby Weather and tides

Depth: Up to 20m

Site entry/exit: Walk down the smooth concrete slip with the rocks on your right.

Runswick bay entry/exit

Underwater directions: It's a big site to dive and the wrecks are not near the entry point so its best to head out to your chosen depth and explore.

Air & Nitrox: Denny diving  Proscuba

Site Hazards: Occasional boat traffic so an SMB is recommended.

Nearest Public phone: Royal Hotel.

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Camping

Other comments: Runswick Bay is sheltered from the northern winds by Lingrow Knowle, a crag towering over the bay. The wreck of the Vanland in 8m is in Runswick Bay just inside Kettleness point and is spread over a large area Utube Also the gold wreck the Ellida. There are also public toilets.

Pub: Runswick Bay Hotel

Cafe: There is a cafe just in front of the public toilets.

Created By: Alison Mawson.

Date: 7/5/11

Revision: 1

Thanks To: AM Divers for the Info.


Surface Photos: Alison Mawson.

Underwater Photos: Utube   Contact me 

Dive Map: Not required

Dive Report: Comment in the box below.